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Quilts friends have made with this technique

This quilt went to the lucky winner of our Spoiled Maltese Rescue Raffle.  She was made by Lydia in memory of a dear pet.

          Elta Kay Hooper was the first to try her hand at the Cut Work Portrait technique, with her grandson, Colin.  Didn’t she do a beautiful job on the twinkle in his eyes?
Shirley was kind enough to make this quilt for me, using a pattern I created, based on a couple of photos of my oldest grandson, and his 3rd sister.  Oh, I edited out the wrist watch before turning him into Joseph!  You will notice that I had to combine several photos to get the exact look I wanted.

          You may recognize this next portrait – done by Dana Rankin.  Hail to the Chief!
Check out  Dana's site: - she loves portraits.